Undercarpet Heating – Forgettable in the Best Ways Possible


It sounds strange to say that undercarpet heating is forgettable. And yet, it is, and that’s a great thing when the reason is that your heating is safe, quiet, easy to use, and comfortable. In fact, with no wires or detached parts for curious little fingers to discover, and no bumpy bits for stumbling toes to find, you can be forgiven for forgetting undercarpet heating is installed at all… That is until you feel the comfort of a perfectly and evenly warmed room in winter, or the luxury of snuggling your feet into a warm carpet first thing in the morning.


warmup undercarpet heating nz Like many, I’m spending more time at home these days. So I really need my environment to feel carefree and relaxing. And yes, I do want a bit of luxury. So, how easy is it to install undercarpet heating? What are the costs and what will it do for me?

I’m replacing the carpet in my bedroom. Is it easy and fast to install undercarpet heating at the same time?

Absolutely.  First, you need an electrician to prewire for you so that the heat pads have a power source. From there, it’s as fast as laying the carpet. You install the pads first and lay the carpet smoothly over top and then the thermostat is connected.

Easy then, but electricity and water don’t get along, so how safe is it?

It’s 100% waterproof. This means you can clean your carpets as you normally would, and it’s 100% safe as it’s an RCD protected circuit.

And how about heavy objects – can they cause damage?

The wires are flexible and durable. They conform to all New Zealand and international standards. That means it’s easy to move furniture without worrying about damage.

Is there anything that I do need to be careful of?

Yes. Things like bean bags and extra thick rugs which sit on the floor without air circulating underneath can cause heat build-up. So, consider where you will mostly place these items before installation. The pads come in a number of sizes and shapes and can be easily designed to fit around items such as these. They will still absorb the atmospheric warmth, meaning that you won’t have cold spots, but at the same time, you avoid heat build-up.

Got it. Air circulation is important. Heavy objects are fine. You said that there are health benefits.

Yes. Traditional heating solutions dry out the air and can cause a lot of condensation. Many also blow air and dust with mites around your house. Not so with undercarpet heating – meaning they are a great solution for people with respiratory conditions. Combined with the even and gentle heat distribution, you get a warm environment that isn’t dry but isn’t damp either.

Fewer mould issues sound good! And how easy is it to control?

Easy as! A thermostat gives you full control. You choose when to heat, which rooms to heat, and how much heat your environment needs.

Finally, I always imagined underfloor heating was expensive. Can we talk money?

Sure. Warmup undercarpet heating costs for an average-sized room of 10 square metres are about $900, including the heating pads, installation, and a 5-year warranty.  The average running cost for that area is only about $2 a day (for 6 hours per day). This cost is indicative and is calculated @26c/kwatt/hr.

After installation, people find the actual month on month cost of using Warmup undercarpet heating is lower than with traditional heating such as gas heaters. That’s because undercarpet heating uses electricity efficiently.

It’s very much a case of investing a little extra in the beginning to reap the rewards, the health benefits, the ease and control of use – and the comfort for years to come.