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Control of your heating is essential for ensuring individual comfort and cost-effectiveness. Warmup’s exclusive range of thermostats has been selected and developed for their functionality and good looks.

dual touch thermostat - warmup

Dual Touch Thermostat – Models W3115DT/ W3115DT Black

Simple and stylish, Warmup’s new Dual Touch screen thermostat adopts the most advanced microcomputer control chip for precise control of air & floor temperature.


  • Programmable or Non-Programmable
  • 3 control modes – Air, Floor & Air+Floor
  • For underfloor heating and heated towel rail control
  • Built-in air temperature sensor and external floor temperature sensor
  • Application: – 7-day programmable and temperature control for undertile heating: adjustable setpoint for underfloor heating control without time program, heated towel rail control
  • Floor model with floor sensor connector enables precise control of floor temperature
  • Large, backlight LCD features intuitive programming icons
  • 2 part design – Removable front face and a switching module.
  • 3-year warranty

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Dual Touch Thermostat Video Setup Guide
colour touch thermostat warmup
colour touch thermostat warmup

Programmable – W3WT02 Color Touch Wi-Fi

This Colour Touch, Wi-Fi thermostat allows the user to control electric underfloor heating systems on any scale via an app, giving them easy access to full control.

The mobile app makes it easy for users to organise their thermostats to exactly match their temperature control needs. What is more, detailed information on energy consumption, etc. allows users to control the heating to maximise their energy savings.

Available in black. Can be installed horizontally.

Features include:

  • Remote access and control via the user-friendly app (Available for download at Google Playstore or Appstore – search “Swatt Heating”)
  • Simple set-up with an installation wizard
  • For individual control or heating zone control
  • No gateways required

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Thermostat Video Setup Guide
colour touch thermostat warmup
colour touch thermostat warmup

Programmable – WT01 Colour Touch Thermostat control

Electronic thermostat with a temperature control via a sensor placed either externally in the floor or built into the thermostat.

Built-in clock/calendar with battery backup

Includes 4 and 6 event program for automatic comfort and setback temperature.

Up to 7 different program combinations can be created.

Energy use – The Energy use function uses data to calculate electricity consumption and the cost of heating over a given period of time.

Also available in black. Can be installed horizontally.

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Thermostat Video Setup Guide
mtc controller thermostat - warmup nz

Non-programmable – MTC-1991-WU  and MTC-1999UCH Electronic thermostats

MTC-1991-WU has a remote floor sensor that is designed to meet the standard requirements for comfort, safety, and energy-saving.

Locking mechanism behind the control knob to limit the amount of adjustment possible.

The perfect solution for budget-conscious users.

MTC-1999UCH has an air sensor.

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Warmup thermostat

Programmable – W3115 (TH115) – obsolete model. 

This has been replaced by the Dual-Touch Programmable Thermostat W3115DT and W3115DT Black.

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Thermostat Video Setup Guide


Once the heating is installed and the thermostat is in place, our technicians will ensure your thermostat is programmed according to your requirements and will offer recommendations on how to run your heating to ensure both optimal results and cost-efficiency.

Our technicians will guide you through the programming of our easy to use thermostats if you would like to make any adjustments to the original settings.  If you selected the Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, we will further assist in connecting your mobile device as an added measure of convenience.

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