Marmox Insulation board

Marmox Insulation board is a technically advanced board designed as the perfect complement to undertile heating. This insulated tile backer board is made of extruded polystyrene, reinforced and covered on both sides with a fibreglass mesh embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar. The individual board is 1250mm long X 600mm wide with the optional thickness of 6mm or 10mm. It is installed using a flexible tile adhesive in a similar manner to a large tile.

Marmox is completely waterproof

Ideal for use in wet areas, showers and bathrooms

Acts as a thermal barrier

Acts as a thermal barrier and significantly reduces heat loss to the substrate

Transforms undertile heating

Transforms undertile heating into a very responsive and efficient system. After switching on your heating, your floor tiles will warm up in about 15-20 minutes, even on a cold concrete floor. On a wooden floor, it has a 2 degree increase every 10 minutes from start up

Excellent acoustic properties

Shows excellent acoustic properties particularly in reducing footfall noise and the echo often associated with large tiled areas. Warmup Insulation boards by Marmox can reduce sound by 20 decibels.

Replace tile and slate underlay with Marmox

Can replace tile and slate underlay, providing the sub-floor is structurally sound and flat.