Waterproofed Shower Systems

Waterproofed shower systems -
waterproof, integrated wet room design

Whether you are looking to revamp your bathroom or be bold and create a wet room design, the biggest task is ensuring everything is waterproof and sealed correctly to avoid any damages down the line.  The next step in luxury and comfort would be to add undertile heating to the bathroom which will not only keep your feet warm but will assist in drying the floor faster.

Warmup’s Waterproofed Shower Systems meet both waterproofing and undertile heating needs for all your bathroom requirements.  Using the very latest in technology and superior insulation boards, Warmup offers the first completely waterproof and integrated wet room design, where all its components and installation are 100% guaranteed.

Warmup’s Waterproofed Shower System is a custom solution for virtually any bathroom. Whether your bathroom has timber or concrete floors or whether you live in a house or apartment, you can enjoy the luxury and freedom of a wet room.

Once your waterproofing and heating have been completed, consider all the relevant accessories you may require and view our range of bathroom solutions to add that final dazzle to your new, modern room.

The running costs are comparable to (often less than) fan heaters. Once installed, select the thermostat best suited to your needs and allow the technician to assist you with setting it up for you. Selecting and installing the right thermostat will help you use your heating more efficiently and cost-effectively.



No worries

With all features completely hidden, there’s no threat to prying little fingers! Our heating elements and controls are approved and certified to New Zealand and international standards. We offer a 15-year warranty on both elements and installation.

The running costs
are comparable to
fan heaters and
often are less than
the cost of one coffee per week
These heating elements use
200 – 3000 watts, depending
on the size of the room.
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Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems are completely waterproof and can be installed in just one day. Ready for tiling after 24 hours. The Warmup Waterproofed Shower System consists of Insulation Backer Board, Undertile Sheet Membrane, preformed shower tray and undertile heating.

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Once installed, select the thermostat best suited to your needs and allow the technician to assist you with setting it up.

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