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Mark Keogan - Warmup ChristchurchA few words from Mark.

Here at Warmup Canterbury, we are passionate about making homes warmer and healthier. We stand for the idea that people should live in dry and warm houses, and especially it’s important here – in the South Island. I am personally convinced that living in a warm and comfortable house is ‘a must’ – it’s not optional. Heating a room or a bathroom shouldn’t be a luxurious thing, it should be affordable and user-controlled. That’s the idea we promote at Warmup Canterbury and that’s the problem that we solve every day by installing underfloor heating and temperature controllers in bathrooms and rooms.

We can do radiant underfloor heating for any type of flooring – undertile in the bathroom and kitchen, undercarpet in bedrooms and wooden/laminated floor heating in the lounge. We also specialise in complete tiled shower solutions where we do floor insulation, waterproofing and underfloor heating in showers and bathrooms.

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Warm regards,

Mark Keogan, Warmup Canterbury Director

More About Us

Warmup Canterbury has been operating in the Canterbury region for over twenty years. We have a small, but a very efficient team – Tamara is the sales rep and always happy to meet with new clients and provide quotes. Chris and Julie form our admin support and job bookings team. Gavin, Justin and Jodi are the amazing Warmup installers. Mark is the owner and a technical guru.
Over the years, we have heated over 10,000 rooms and waterproofed over 3,000 showers. Our main target area in the home is the bathroom as we specialise in Marmox insulation for the floors, then undertile heating and the full waterproofed shower system installations. Other areas we also do is the undercarpet heating which is very cost-effective and easy to install. Heating under timber and laminate is also becoming very popular in the kitchen and dining areas.

Facts & Figures

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Warmup Underfloor Heating Projects

For 20+ years, we have completed thousands of jobs. Below are the recent projects that we would like to feature.

The Warmup Christchurch team has built a large shower enclosure in the house in Bowenvale that has been completely rebuilt after the earthquakes to a very high standard. Over 30m of waterproofing has been used in this en-suite. The main en-suite has two recessed shower dumpers and a full tile seat down. Marmox shower trays and shower niches installed. The en-suite is finished to a very high standard, and up-market products have been used throughout.

Strawberry Fare is an upmarket restaurant in Christchurch with a bright, airy feel and with emphasis on local and organic New Zealand cuisine and desserts.

The Warmup underfloor heating specialists installed undercarpet heating. It was very hard to heat the place because of all the south facing windows and very high Cathedral ceilings in the restaurant.  Undercarpet heating was chosen as it could make the large place evenly and comfortably warm for all guests of the restaurant. Undercarpet heating is the best solution in such a venue – a spacious and airy room with lots of windows and high ceilings. With undecarpet heating, there are no cold spots or hot (under the heater) spots, no noise and no visible heaters on the walls that can go wrong with the interior design. It’s also cost-effective as it’s only used for a few hours and controlled by a smart thermostat.

Warmup Canterbury was involved in the Kevler Homes project. Ensuite and bathrooms were waterproofed and undertile heating was installed by our underfloor heating specialists in Canterbury.

We used 45 square metres of waterproofing sheet membrane, 6mm Marmox insulation boards and the Warmup undertile heating wire.

All done in one day and ready for tiling!

Warmup was involved in a new build in Christchurch located on the lower slopes of Mt.Pleasant. The Warmup professionals have installed Marmox multiboards and undertile heating in the kitchen, dining and living areas as well as the en-suite and bathroom with a large channel drain.

This was one of the large jobs Warmup did last year in Christchurch for a home owner – we installed the heating under timber laminate flooring. Our underfloor heating professionals installed 6mm Marmox insulation board and then laid 4mm thermobreak followed by taping 5KW  heating element down with foil tape. The customer was very happy with the results and the heating solution.

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