7 Reasons why our Smart Thermostats are winning!

The WT01 and W3WT02 models are the latest and most in-demand range of Warmup’s smart thermostats, and it’s easy to see why.  With this technology, you can adjust and monitor your heating requirements throughout your home using easy interactive touch control screens.

programmable thermostat Warmup NZ

Features include:

  • Simple set-up with an installation wizard
  • Built-in clock/calendar with battery backup
  • Includes 4 and 6 event programs for automatic comfort and setback temperature.
  • Up to 7 different program combinations can be created.
  • The Energy use function uses data to calculate electricity consumption and the cost of heating over a given period.
  • For individual control or heating zone control.
  • Available in 2 colours – white and black
  • The WiFi models W3WT02 and W3WT02 Black include WiFi capability with remote access and control via a user-friendly app.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your thermostat and experience the efficiencies and convenience Warmup underfloor heating has to offer. Our technicians are available to assist you with any setup requirements or questions you may have.

Do you like the idea of being able to control your heat settings from the convenience of your mobile phone? Be sure to also inquire about the Warmup W3WT02 Color Touch Wi-Fi thermostat

Feel free to browse our alternative thermostat options, each designed and engineered to support your heating needs.