Control of your heating is essential for ensuring individual comfort and cost-effectiveness. Warmup's exclusive range of thermostats have been selected and developed for their functionality and good looks.

Programmable Thermostats

Compact, stylish controllers with advanced programming features.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

Easy to use, economical solutions for precise control of floor temperature.

Telephone Controllers

The ultimate convenience : control your household devices from a touchtone phone

Earlier Models

Useful information regarding our earlier and phased out models. 

Programmable Thermostats


Model TH115 A/F/AF 

This compact, stylish thermostat comes loaded with advanced programming features and a large backlit LCD. It provides precise control of floor temperature. (See image below - Model TH115 with doors open)



  • 7 day fully programmable
  • Approved to NZ standard
  • Microprocessor based, 15 amps
  • For the control of ambient or floor temperature

Product Code: W3115AF

PB112 Power Base

The PB112 power base has been designed to power the TH115 control module. This power base determines the connection and application. It is a double pole, 4-wire installation (240V).

Model WT01 - Colour Touch Thermostat

Introducing the Warmup Colour Touch Thermostat - an "all-in-one" clock thermostat for electric underfloor heating that provides optimal comfort temperature and the lowest possible energy consumption. Features include colour touch screen, energy monitoring, easy-touch menu navigation and a user-friendly interface.

The Colour Touch Thermostat offers:

  • Set and forget adaptive control ensuring comfort temperature at the required time. 
  • Snap-mount front cover for easy installation
  • Compatible with all floor sensors making it the best choice for renovations
  • Automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time

Product Code: W3WT01

Now available in NZ and Euro versions (3 colours)

                Arctic White                                Aluminium                                   Graphite

Touch Thermostats - Models ADG4 and AWG4

Introducing our new electronic programmable touch thermostats - with sleek designs and intuitive control, recommended for the control of underfloor heating systems.  

                       Model ADG4                                                       Model AWG4



  • 75mm colour screen with easy interactive touch control
  • Easy scheduling method and power consumption is saved in detail to your user account
  • Suitable for tile, stone, laminate, concrete and wooden floors
  • 5 year battery backup of clock and calendar
  • Model AWG4 enables remote Wifi connectivity, giving users a convenient way to adjust and monitor their home heating system.

Product Code: W3ADG4 & W3AWG4

Non-Programmable Thermostats

Model MTC-1991-WU

This electronic thermostat with a remote sensor is recommended for the control of floor heating systems and is designed to meet the standard requirements for comfort, safety and energy saving. It can be mounted in a standard flush box. There is a locking mechanism behind the control knob to limit the amount of adjustment possible. 



  • Remote floor sensor 
  • Locking mechanism

Product Code: W3MTC-1991-WU (floor) / W3MTC-1999 UTC(air)

The MTC is also available as an air sensing model - Model MTC-1996UCH. 

Telephone Controllers

A telephone controller provides remote control of heating, lighting and watering systems, water heaters and other devices. It is possible (through a telephone line) to set the temperature of a thermostat to an energy saving level during a long absence and reset it to a comfortable temperature level before you return. 




Warmup introduces the CT241 telephone controller for your ultimate conveninece to control your thermostat plus three other household devices from a touchtone phone. This will give you the advantage of greater operating flexibility and maximum energy savings. 

Click here to download the User Guide

Earlier Models

  Models TH113 & TH116 

Model TH113 is an electronic thermostat equipped with a microprocessor and proportional integral adaptive (PIA) temperature control technology to control personal comfort. The TH116 series is an inconspicuous public area thermostat with a hidden control dial to prevent tampering. It has a sleek design and can control a room's ambient temperature using a floor heating system.

Model TH113     

Download the Operating Instructions for Models TH113 and TH116

Models TH110A-DP-P (Air) & TH111RCD-P (Floor) 


Model TH110 (Owners Guide and Quick Programming tips)

Model TH111 (Owners Guide and Quick Programming tips)

Model TC24 Programmable timer

This is an electromechanical timing device that allows the heating to be switched over a 24 hour period (at 30 minute intervals).


Download the Consumer Operating Instructions

Model PT502 timer

Model PT502 is an electronic timing device, with preset temperature control which allows the heating to be switched over a pre-programmed period. 


             Model PT502                     

Download the Installation & Operating Instructions


Model PT505

Model PT505 is a floor sensing electronic thermostat, with preset temperature control, which allows the heating to be switched ON and OFF over a pre-programmed period. This device has 4 preset heating cycles as shown in teh Preset Heating Cycle Options.



Download the User Guide.