The Luxury Bathroom Team: The Tranquillity Heated Towel Rails and The Warmup Dual-Touch Thermostat


These days, people are well aware of the benefits of heated towel rails. There is an option for every home and every taste. In conjunction with our Dual-Touch Thermostat, your towel rail can be programmed to suit your personal lifestyle and can be even more energy-efficient.

We may still be basking in the sun, but the very first company emails warning Kiwis about ‘the change of weather that is upon us’ are rolling in.  Luckily, winter no longer means putting up with soggy bathmats hanging over the edge of the bath, musty and damp bathroom smells and clammy towels.

Today, people are well aware of the benefits of heated towel rails. Modern heated towel rails are not only efficient and convenient. They can also look great as a design feature in bathrooms. It’s not an overstatement to say that stepping out of the shower into the arms of a warm and fluffy towel is an undeniable luxury experience.

A heated towel rail ensures warm, dry and fluffy towels 

Bathrooms environments undeniably get wet and steamy. As a result, heated towel rails have an important practical function: drying your towel without a trip to the dryer to get rid of the musty smell. On top of that, heated towel rails can add to the bathroom design and also create a cosy atmosphere in your bathroom.

Wet towels can lead to bacteria and a microbe outbreak. Anybody who had to deal with black mouldy patches on their beautiful new towels in the past knows the frustration. Long-term wet towels can also contribute to mould growing on other wet surfaces.

A heated towel rail gives your towels the best chance to dry in between uses.  Added to that, towel rails are equally useful for drying swimwear and wet clothes.

Tranquillity heated towel rails are high on style

Boring and old-fashioned are no longer the words to use in the context of towel rails. These days, there is an option for every home and every taste. The heated towel rail range from Tranquillity Bathroomware is practical, efficient and modern with a keen eye for detail.

Eye-catching or discreet. A jaguar black finish or a brushed or polished stainless steel finish. Horizontal and vertical design. Rounded or Square. Sleek classic or contemporary and jazzy. Space-saving, full ladders or single bars. The myriad of options is exciting.

Improved energy efficiency with the Warmup Dual-Touch Thermostat

Modern heated towel rails are very energy-efficient. The cost of running a heated towel rail is as little as one or two light bulbs, much cheaper than putting towels in a 1800W dryer.

But the energy efficiency can be improved even further by using them in conjunction with our Dual-Touch Thermostat. It means your towel rail can be programmed to suit your personal lifestyle as a separate setting to your underfloor heating thermostat.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that all towel rail and underfloor heating elements are approved and certified to New Zealand and international standards.

Little updates making your life easier

This is probably also the perfect time to mention that the Dual-Touch Thermostat towel rail setting received a recent update. It now gives you a choice to set the towel rail on and off (in the morning), and on and off (in the evening) for as long as your heart desires.

We also added an automatic screen saver mode where the thermostat display times out after 60 seconds. No more bothering people with bright light through the night.

If you are planning a new home, a major bathroom renovation or even a small alteration, thermostat-controlled heated towel rails are a practical and convenient solution to keep towels warm and dry during the cooler months.